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Anonymous asked: "You know you're gonna kill her."

I don’t gotta kill nobody if I don’t want to, pal.

posted 2 years ago

Anonymous asked: "What's the one thing you desperately want to do sexually! with Wanda? (Or Peter, if you'd prefer him) ;)"

I don’t think I’d put any of ‘em through anythin’ to be honest. I mean, that’s what carin’ for people’s all about, right?

posted 2 years ago

Anonymous asked: "Boxers, Boxer-Briefs, or Briefs?"

Why only boxers or briefs? Why isn’t commando on that list? Are you discriminating against commando? I don’t need to follow your rules, pal! To borrow from another guy… I do what I want!

But if ya’ really want t’ know, boxers.

posted 2 years ago

Anonymous asked: "Your not worthy for anyone"

posted 2 years ago

Anonymous asked: "FMK: Peter, Wanda, and Loki."

[Def marry Loki pfffft you know everyone’s got a thing for that guy]

Well, you set up an order for me, huh grey-face?

Fuck: Pete, I guess?

Marry: Wanda. She gets me! It’s hard to explain…

Kill: You really need t’ ask at this point?


posted 2 years ago

Anonymous asked: "She's just using you."

Huh? Who?

Company || Wanda & Wade













It wasn’t often that he was granted a day off- usually his duties as a SHIELD agent had him running around. Thankfully, none of that running around involved delivering paperwork or anything too dull like that. Now that Wade did have some free time, he wasn’t quite sure what  to do with it. I’ve trained enough… he thought. There’s got to be something to do. Oh! Right! Manhattan!  He grinned and busied himself in removing his suit, peeling off all the various components. He shimmied over to his closet and peered at the mirror on the door. Skin’s not too bad today, he observed, running his hands over his cheeks and chin. Could pass with regular clothes…! He reached into his closet and yanked out an assortment of pants and shirts. He quickly selected his outfit and began to dress himself. Wade had barely gotten his jeans up around his ankles when he heard the knock at his door.

Wanda stood outside the door, readjusting her long red sweater, nuzzling her face into the soft, warm fabric. It was beginning to get a little bit colder during the day, with autumn on its way. She loved it, honestly, able to get out her favorite clothes, like long sleeve dresses, sweaters, jumpers, and boots. Today, she had on her lucky sweater, pink leggings, old red chucks, and a pink scarf.

And the witch was certainly hoping for luck. She hadn’t heard from Wade in a while; and being her, she was terrified she had scared the mercenary away. In her hands, she held a plate of warm chocolate-chip cookies, over thirty of them. Inhaling the sweet air, she closed her eyes, thinking to herself, “Please be there.”

When the door did open, and her eyes opened along with it, her face turned redder than her sweater.

Wade cursed softly to himself as he yanked his jeans up and buttoned them hastily. In rushing, he nearly fell over one of his rifle cases, causing his previously-sleeping dog to awaken. Wade ran his fingers through his hair in an attempt to tame the flyaways- the motion only did the opposite.

He kicked the rifle case under his bed in a swift motion and darted to the door. God, I hope they don’t think I’m a weirdo, he thought desperately. Kujo, Wade’s faithful canine companion, followed his master’s path to the door. Wade quickly yanked the door open, standing up a little straighter when he saw it was Wanda. Kujo nudged his way past Wade to eagerly sniff at the witch.

Oh my God, was the only thing Wade could think. I’m not even wearing a shirt.

Wanda was blushing—-so much so, she thought there was no way that there was enough blood flowing through the rest of her body for her to function, but her body was definetly working. She could feel her heart beat faster and faster as her green eyes looked at the perfectly sculpted man, his chest far more fantastic than any Greek statue she’d seen. She could feel several more things; emabarassment, suprise, shock, but most of all…she could feel lust.

Biting down on her lip, Wanda forced her eyes to look up at his hazel eyes, knowing that if she looked at his Adonis-like figure she might drop her cookies. Even then, she couldn’t get a break—-his hair was tussled in the way that looked like he’d just come from training. Oh god.

“W-Wade—-I, oh my goodness, I should come back later—-I’m so sorry—-” she sputtered.

He turned nearly as red as she did. Play it cool play it cool playitcoolplayitcool… “Hey! Wanda! You want to c- I mean- Oh Lord, Kujo, down!” He yanked at the dog’s collar, causing the canine to whine. “No, hush, get in there- I mean the dog- oh man…” He ran his fingers through his hair again, tousling the dirty-blond strands.

Wade took a deep breath in an attempt to center himself. “So, um, you want to come in?”

“Only if I am invited,” Wanda replied. Great timing…just perfect. Her lucky sweater was failing her. She didn’t know just how long she would last in a room alone with Wade, especially like that. Hopefully, the dog would distract her a little, but that was very unlikely. “I don’t want to be a bother, really.”

She shifted her weight, trying to balance her wobbly legs. Why was she feeling like this? Perhaps she was running a little under the weather…maybe that was it. She hadn’t experienced feelings this strong for years. All she wanted to do was to touch him…

“Oh, yeah, no- I mean yeah-” He caught himself again. “Come on in.” He motioned for her to follow. “If you want, I mean. It’s cool.” He could feel his heart pounding against his ribs- If it keeps up like that, it’ll have to regenerate…! he thought.

“You wouldn’t be a bother. It’s fine- really it is.” He gently nudged the dog behind him again as the inquisitive muzzle poked out from between his legs. “No, dog, go away-” his face turned pink. “Sorry. Um. I can try to control him?”

Wanda set the plate of cookies on Wade’s dresser as she walked in. “I just hadn’t seen you for a while…wanted to make sure that nothing bad had happened and that I hadn’t scared you away or anything like that.”

She noticed how he was stuttering some; she really needed to learn to call ahead or something. Maybe she was just so used to Pietro being so quick and always ready to go somewhere that she just didn’t bother with formalities like that anymore.

I need to get out more.

Crouching down, she scratched behind the ears of the canine. “Don’t worry, he’s alright. I’m sure he’d just like to say hello.” Wanda looked up, smiling at those brown eyes again. “What have you been up to—other than uhm, being half naked?”

Wade flushed at the half-naked comment. “Um, not much, just-” Here he yanked a black t-shirt off of his bed and began to pull it on. “Just training. An’ missions- Fury sent me out on a few. Hence me not being around for a bit.” He smoothed his hands down the front of the black v-neck.

He cast his eyes around the room quickly- it was clean, surprisingly so for someone of his nature. The only things that made it seem like more than an ordinary room were the disassembled guns littering the desk and coffee table. In addition, a sleek metal box, almost like a briefcase, rested upon the edge of the desk.

Man, I have got to clean up.

Wade snapped his fingers, calling Kujo to him so he could tousle the fur on the dog’s head. “So what’ve you been up to?”

She stood back up, grinning, looking at Wade’s now covered body. The shirt fit him just right; accenting his muscles, tight, yet loose at the same time. It certainly wasn’t helping her already pounding hert.

“Baking, helping some students, thinking about you—-“

Wanda snapped her mouth shut. Did she really just say that? Or did she think it? She knew she had thought it, but it certainly sounded like she had actually audibly spoken it aloud. Her face flushing red, she bit her lip, attempting to move herself back towards the door, away from Wade’s probably look of confusion.

However, in her current state, she tripped over her feet, and she began to fall down towards the carpet.

Wade jumped forward the moment he saw her trip. His hands shot out- one hand landed on her upper arm, the other on her hip. He took a deep breath in an attempt to calm his heart, the poor organ set back into its stuttering beat from the sudden shock.

Slowly, he glanced up at her face. He suddenly found himself hyper-aware of everything around him- or at least, everything about Wanda. Curved hips, strong arms, ever-so-slightly-pouty lips…

No, Wade, no. No lingering. No touchy-feely. No no no. Bad. Bad touchy-feely. Classy chicks don’t dig touchy-feely.

He pulled her up to stand on her own two feet again before stepping back slightly. With a nervous cough, Wade rubbed the back of his neck. “Sorry about that- yeah. Um. Sorry.”

Wanda stood, shakily, in front of Wade. Maybe a foot away, tops. Even so…that spit second that he was holding her was just perfect. She could feel the beat of his heart, the warmth of his tall form…it was more than she could have asked for. Ever since the Vision, the witch had been looking for another to fill her heart; one who would not hit her, one that would treat her with the soft and gentle care that someone would use when dealing with a porcelain doll. Wade had done just that; not just physically, but emotionally. The talks that they had were warm memories in her mind, reoccuring in her dreams many nights.

“Don’t be sorry,” she said, inching towards him, “Why would you be sorry?”

Before he could even get a word out, Wanda was there, gingerly holding his face between her soft hands. Heart racing, legs trembling, the woman’s eyes darted from Wade’s own eyes to his inviting mouth. She took in a final breath before shutting her eyes, leaning in close, and caressing Wade’s lips with her own.

Wow hey this is new, he thought. The voices in his head kicked in, clamoring with exclamations of, Wow! Hey! Different? Different! It’s been a while! Be quiet, you! Wow she’s good! Hush up and let the guy enjoy it! Wade mentally brushed them to the side, quieting the two noisy intruders in his head.

Tentatively, he reached up to place a hand lightly on Wanda’s upper arm. He pushed back with his lips lightly, keeping the kiss chaste. Don’t mess it up! urged the first voice before retreating back into the recesses of Wade’s mind with a giggle. Wade carefully placed his other hand just above Wanda’s hip, in what the second of his voices deemed to be the “safe zone.”

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