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Observations [Wade|Crane]



“I see,” Wade said slowly. Satisfaction? murmured the first voice. Satisfaction? He’s nuttier than a can of Planters! The second voice growled in response. Hush! Maybe instead of complaining, we can figure this guy out! It can’t hurt, can it? What do you think, onesie? it said soothingly to the first voice. Push him,the second purred.

“Indeed. They do need a good amount of looking after,” he said coolly. Not by you, anyway, sniped the first. “So tell me, Dr. Crane…What’s Arkham like?”

“That’s what I’ve heard,” he replied, and smiled at the agent. 

He tilted his head and looked into the distance as though remembering a happy memory. “Arkham?” he said quietly, thinking of his former position. “It’s a strange, dark place, like much of Gotham City. It’s old, almost stuck in time. But time has little meaning there.” He paused and looked back at the other man, his blue eyes amused. “You might even like it. You’d have company at all the unholy hours.” He smiled at Deadpool, entertained by this idea.

He laughed loudly. “I’ve got enough company for now,” he chuckled. “Besides,” he said, stretching, “Prison? Nah. I wouldn’t be a good fit. Not even Arkham could hold me.” Wade stared pointedly at Crane. “Not much can, really.” He laughed again. “So what landed you in that dingy old supermax anyway?”